• Engineered for exceptional sound

    Where hardware, software, and passion meet

    With the sleek yet stunningly powerful SRS-X7, you can bring party-starting sound wherever you go. Loaded with industry-leading innovations and 32W of power, this refined speaker delivers dazzling audio to your space.

    Enrich all you listen to

    DSEE restores quality to compressed audio files

    Sony’s groundbreaking Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) was developed to restore high range sound lost in the compression process to MP3 format. This results in rich, natural audio that replicates the original CD sound source.

    Optimized playback

    ClearAudio+ is the culmination of decades of research, uniting several of Sony’s most significant audio processing technologies.

    Distilled sound

    By eliminating analog components in the feedback stage, this technology provides ultimate clarity and efficiency in amplification.

    Sophisticated upscaling

    Developed to compensate for high compression in many digital audio files, DSEE enhances music by restoring high-end sounds.

    Connect, listen, and move

    All the options for the digital lifestyle

    Whether you’re hanging at home, lounging on the beach, or hosting friends for a party, the SRS-X7 is made to set the mood and keep the music flowing.

    Designed for however you listen

    Streaming, smartphone, or laptop, the SRS-X7 is ready

    Access your personal song library, as well as services such as Music Unlimited, Spotify®, Deezer and TuneIn Radio. No matter the source, the SRS-X7 makes it sound good. Note: not all music services may be available in your area.


    Stream your iTunes collection wirelessly from your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Mac with AirPlay.

    Wireless streaming

    Use Bluetooth and NFC One-touch for a quick connection, then start streaming your music collection over Wi-Fi®.


    DLNA is a data bridge across your devices, enabling seamless streaming of music from your home server or PC.